Ardrossan United Church

22 Main St., Ardrossan, AB, Canada            Phone: 780-922-2255                   Email:

Who We Are...

Nestled in the rural community of Ardrossan, Alberta, you will find the little white church (and it's newer additions) known as the 

Ardrossan United Church. It is a welcoming and inviting place to 

worship and experience fellowship. 

All are welcome at AUC.


Our Mission Statement

God, Inspire us, the people of Ardrossan United Church, to create a welcoming, 

inclusive and vibrant community of faith: Governed by a profound love of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit; 

Lived through prayer, fellowship, and a continued quest for spiritual understanding and growth;

Expressed through and active partnership of laity and professional ministry;

Celebrated through a variety of worship experiences and musical styles;

Stirring us to reach out to our community and the world. Amen. 

Our History

The little white church pictured on the left was built and dedicated in 1910 in Ardrossan, Alberta.  It was a re-build of the original, which was lost in a fire shortly after it was moved to that location.  The original church began it's life as the Fairmount Methodist Church in the country and eventually was moved onto the town-site. It took a team of 12 horses and sleighs to pull the church.  In 1915 an addition was built on to the church to house the student ministers while they were serving the local area. 

As the local communities grew, so did the congregation and in 1925 Church Union was a reality.  According to Ruth Dewitt, local church member,  "It was a wonderful feeling to become a part of the Canada wide church." Ruth Dewitt; History of the Ardrossan United Church.   By the 1950's the church found itself bursting at the seams and the demand for space prompted the building of a new church.  The newer and much larger building opened and was dedicated on November 10, 1960.  The congregation continued to grow.  Four local bus drivers, during this time, volunteered their services to bus children from the rural areas into town to attend Sunday School. 

After 25 years, the church once again fount itself in need of more space and built another expansion.  The building as we know it today was dedicated on January 18, 1987.  Both the new and little church are still in use and the little church is recognized as a Provincial Historical Site. 

For more information regarding the church history or if you'd like to book a tour of the old church, please contact us.